Back 2 Nature Animal Bedding & Litter

Back 2 Nature Animal Bedding & Litter
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Price: SGD 14.75
Product ID : Back 2 Nature Animal Bedding & Litter
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At last, a natural safe product to improve your pet's quality of life as well as benefit pet owners. Made by Fibrecycle Pty Ltd, a paper recycling company from Australia, Back-2-Nature is made entirely from recycled paper with absolutely no chemicals added. It is a natural organic product that has superior odour control capabilities. Back-2-Nature is the ideal litter rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, gerbils, reptiles, and in fact for all terrestrial animals where waste and odour control is an issue.

  • Cellulose fibres are compressed into pellets and submitted to a drying phase which exposes the product to temperatures in excess of 150 degrees Celsius. No Additives are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Superior Odor-absorbency
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • High Surface Area
  • Soiled area can be scooped and flushed down the toilet
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Economical, longer lasting
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Suitable for mammals, reptiles, rodents and birds
  • Soft, will not crush and mark floors
  • Makes ideal garden mulch
Small animals simply love Back-2-Nature Animal Bedding & Litter as it keeps them from dust as it does not break down when wet. It keeps them from pine oil that may be harmful to small animals.

WHY Breeder Celect / Back-to-Nature are the BETTER CHOICES?


We have been asked many times why Breeder Celect/Back-to-Nature (BC/B2N) are the market leaders in 100% Recycled Paper Bedding and are better choices for cats & small animals. There are so many brands in the market claiming their brands are better. Here’s how you can tell the difference:-


1)       Higher Paper Density (weight/volume ratio) – when you see a recycled paper product that is cheaper than most others, usually it means there is less paper used in the product. Paper density (weight/volume ratio) will be lower.


2)       With lesser paper used, the lesser amount of odour & liquid the paper material can absorb. That means you may need more of the product to get the similar effectiveness in odour/liquid absorption. You may end up spending more using other brands of recycled paper bedding.


3)       More uniformly-shaped pellets can be found in Breeder Celect/Back-to-Nature. The advanced technology in the production used allows compact, high paper density pellets to be made. This means virtually no dust, less wastage and you get MORE PRODUCT in a bag.


4)       No binders used. If there is a glossy coating on each pellet from other brands you use, it means the product uses binder to hold the pellet. When such pellets get wet, it will disintegrate. The pellets will not hold their shape and the whole litter bedding will look messy and dirty. Also, the binder may be chemical-based.


5)       Ask the supplier who sells their brands:- are the recycled paper used in their product solvent-free print ink? Breeder Celect /Back-2-Nature use solvent-free print ink which is GREENER, and does not emit Volatile Organic Compound  (VOC). VOCs are likely to be carcinogenic, and family members are at a higher risk of developing asthma or allergies.


6)       Breeder Celect / Back-2-Nature are chemical & additive-free, and reduce up to 40% transport emission to deliver to you compared to traditional cat sand litter which is much heavier to deliver. We are more Earth-Friendly.


If you are concerned about the health of your pets & the environment, choose the RIGHT bedding, and the RIGHT recycled paper bedding.

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